TAN-VIET Group was established by Mr Tao Ngoc Tu and has been on the Polish market since 1990. Since then our company has achieved a market success and become one of the main importers and distributors of oriental products in Poland.
Throughout the period we have become experts and achieved wide business relations not only in Poland but also on a world-wide scale. We stay in close trade contacts with companies in 20 countries from Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Our offer includes products used in oriental cuisines as well as various instant products, mainly instant soups with noodles. We are also proud of being an exporter of agricultural products, including dairy products.
Tan-Viet Company is the owner or exclusive distributor of the following trademarks and products:
TaoTao - trademark owner - sauces, noodles, mushrooms, fruit and other oriental products,
VIFON - exclusive distributor of instant noodle soups and sauces in Poland,
TOKYOTO - trademark owner – Japanese cuisine products, including products to prepare Sushi,
KIM LAN - trademark owner - instant noodle soups, sauces and noodles,
VINI - trademark owner - instant noodle soups.
Thanks to the cooperation with the biggest wholesale distributors we cater for around 70% retail shops in Poland. Our products can be also found in major chain stores and hypermarkets of Polish and foreign capital.
Since 2002 our head office has been placed in Legowo near Gdansk, in a modern office-and-warehouse complex. Having placed the offices in one area and implementing the ERP class information system, we provide a modern high quality client service.

Welcome to fruitful business.
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